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Wild Life - Simien Mountains Tour | Simien Mountains Tour

Wild Life

Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

Located in north of Gondar along the road to Axum, the Simien Mountains offer a uniquely wonderful sight: high peaks and deep gorges, valleys and rivers, golden barley field’s as far as the eye can see.

The highest mountain (4439 meters) is Ras Dejen, hut a lot of the peaks are above 4000 meters. Only a few roads on the Simien Mountains are reachable by car, but the entire area is crossed by tracks used by locals to travel from village to village or to lead their animals to pasture. This makes it the ideal place for trekking: you can walk through for days. along easy paths, occasionally passing through villages amid breath-taking views, frequently encountering colonies of ‘gelada ‘baboons and, at nightfall, among the steep gorges, sighting Waliyas and, frequently, the Ethiopian Wolf.


Nechi Sar National Park

Nechi Sar National Park 02

Nechisar National Park links two of the Rift Valley lakes, Abaya – the longest and largest of the valley – and Chamo. As well as their crocodiles and bird life, Lakes Abaya and Chamo are famous for their sport fishing, especially for Nile perch – often weighing more than 100 kilos – and for the fighting tiger fish.

Lake Chamo in particular has an excellent viewing point for crocodiles known as azo gabaya – the Crocodile Market. Another interesting attraction on the lakes are the people traversing their surfaces in precarious-looking ambatch boats made from reeds.




Awash national park

oryxMore than 46 species, including Beisa Oryx, Greater & lesser Kudu, Soemmering’s Gazelle, Swayne’s hartebeest, lion, Hamadryas and Anubis baboon and their hybrids, Defassa waterbuck, Salt’s dik-dik. There are 5 endemic birds among the 392 species to be found in the park. Resident species include green wood hoopoe, red-and yellow barbet, emerald spotted wood dove, carmine bee-eater several bustard species, fish eagle, tawny eagle, lanner and pygmy, falcon, black shouldered kite, dark chanting goshawk, several varieties of kingfishers and rollers, ostrich and lammergeyer.Unique physical feature: dramatic Water fall, hot springs, Fentale crater, Doumplam forest.

General description: Awash national park is the oldest and most developed wildlife reserve in Ethiopia. Featuring the 1,800-metre Fantalle Volcano, extensive mineral hot-springs and extraordinary volcanic formations, this natural treasure is bordered to the south by the Awash River. The wildlife consists mainly of East African plains animals. Oryx, bat-eared fox, caracal, aardvark, Columbus and green monkeys, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, klipspringer, leopard, bushbuck, hippopotamus, Soemmering’s gazelle, cheetah, lion, kudu and 450 species of bird all live within the parks.
Visitor facilities: Standard lodges on the edge of Awash gorge, camp site beside river, and there is also a museum. (Tour itinerary)


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